When Rain Is Pain... Testo

Testo When Rain Is Pain...

One day it started to rain,
and it has never stopped.
Since then it has been pain,
and misery was topped.
Raindrops were the beginning,
and now there is a stream.
But you didn't want to see the signs!
Some told you once,
some told you twice,
but you didn't want to recognize!

When rain is pain,
when children cry,
'cause people die,
but you don't see,
then you are blind -
That must not be!

No - No - No - Nooo!!!

This pain makes me insane, can no one stop the rain?!
What's the name of this horrible game?
Can't you see? - I am drowning to the ground,
I searched for help, but I could not found!
You look away, how can you be so cruel?
I thought you'd help, but now I know that I'm a fool!
Maybe I'll die in this cold and dirty pool,
but you don't want to see me, so you can stay completely cool!