Double-Edged Razortongue Testo

Testo Double-Edged Razortongue

He speaks to me in pieces and I do not know what he says.
What the hell he talks about? He just spits and shouts.
Confusion! What does he mean?
He is not able to make up his mind and say that what he thinks.
No one can follow him because his thoughts are perplexing.
I'm getting crazy! His world's so sick!
He's got (- He's got) the Double-Edged Razortongue!
Yes, he's got the sore.
The word becomes a weapon,
and it hurts us all.

But I've to get away from you,
'cause I'm gonna wound you all!
My mind and my tongue are my enemies,
and I'm no unity.

Due to his rising fuck-madness some people getting hurt by him.
No difference between enemies and friends because his tongue is blind.
It's a weapon - The Razortongue!

I'm bright - he's dark,
I'm coloured - he's black/white,
I can't follow - he's hollow,
his mind's - too sick.
He is - the sore,
infects - us all,
'cause he - has got
the Double-Edged Razortongue!