Apocalypse Testo

Testo Apocalypse

Cold dark night - I wake up - I cannot sleep,
from inside I'm freezing - it's in too deep.
Outside there is something which is scaring me,
something yet I cannot see.
I look out of the window - what could that be?
It is the arrival of our common enemy!

I am here to dominate your mind!
I am the new ruler - made of the most dreadful kind!
Just try to hide, but I am going to find! (- you!)
Apocalypse Now! The seven trumpets wind! They wind!

This is the end of human being:
Storms of fire and unholy row!
Are you really so blind? You are not seeing?!
Proclamation: Apocalypse Now!

People are dying, towers are falling,
children are crying, humans are crawling,
fleeing - like vermin - helpless and so weak.
No sense to run and hide - The enemy will seek!

But I am prepared to fight until the end!
This is the final battle and now I raise my hand!