The DreamCatcher Testo

Testo The DreamCatcher

The little child lays down, in its small made bed,
so tired of the day, the mother brought milk and bread.
The Good-Night-Fairy-Tale its father has read,
But then the nightmare starts, he's there in its head!
"This night I have come to extinguish your young life.
You're so weak and innocent - Get ready for the descent!
Down into hell where you are mine when we arrive.
Do not try to defend - You can be sure this is your end!"

Scream - 'cause you can't wake up!
Scream - 'cause you cannot stop!
Scream - 'cause he's so near!
Scream - 'cause he is here!

Can hear you! - My fear grew!
Can feel you! - I can too!
Can see you! - that's not true!
Can smell you! - I can't do!

Can't stop me! - I can't see!
Can't grab me! - I can't hear!
Can't take me! - I can't flee!
Can't break me! - I can't be!

Waiting below its bed, until it falls asleep,
but the fear makes it mad, in its blanket it creeps.
Seeing shadows on the wall, the Dreamcatcher on the leap,
his scythe is black and tall, all dreams he'll forever keep.

I will never let you fall asleep in silence!
No need to run away 'cause you can't escape me!