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Testo Delete The Elite

Delete the elite
The skull is the throne room of consciousness
We are on a quest to escape superstition
The rd. of excess leads to the temple of wisdom
Knowledge is for the ignorant
Wisdom is for the wise
In a jellybean dream
War is peace
Daydreaming on the edge of a sunbeam
Holding Hands

Astro-physics and psychadelics
1 mans heaven is anothers hell
Oil is uncle sams heroin
A pentagon is the inner most part of a pentagram
The symbolic seduction of the sages
Society lies to individual
And then you lie to yourself
Standing atop a soapbox
Where fear is an illusion
The warm soft cacoon of nothingness
As you nod out on the bed
The mosaics of the magicians
In the marrow of existance
The temples waters are streaming data
The class system is a caste system
Have you ever looked at the man on tv straight in the eye
Asleep in the shadow of a sky scraper
I am addicted to the apocalypse
Where churches eat souls
Welcome to the new world order
Where there are no messiahs