The Vultures Of The Void Testo

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Testo The Vultures Of The Void

With the orphans of doom
We're sippin on a vile now baby
Why ya gotta doom and gloom

I'm a lonely soul
Rolling like a rolling stone

Baby now your paranoid
Cause' the homeland
Done gone tapped your phone

In the grully and abyss
Beware the serpents kiss

Through the nexus
Through the rifts
The police test your piss

I ain't gone tell no lie
That gerl got thunder thighs
She likes black magick markers
And she likes it when i eat her pie

This pestilance that sleeps
In the pillage of the global village
The prisoners of the past walk the pyscho's path
On the outer edge of nowhere
Where the gods are obsolete
And will be replaced with video camera's
In the void

Creatures of the wheel
From the pulpits of the abyss
The demons of democracy teach from a manifesto of misery
With the scars of the bible belt
Upon my back
I can see the death of the american dream
On a altar of ashes

Powdering you nose
With multi-colored toes
Lets go frolic
And act idiotic
Where the marijuana grows

Listen to the magpies rhyme
Do you have a nickle
Or baby
Do you have a dime