Visions Of The Living Photograph Testo

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Testo Visions Of The Living Photograph

I tell you my friends
I'm telling you something that you've never even heard before
I'm stressed
I'm telling you that I need something to drink
I need some pills and some weed
Some xanax and some blue tylenol
Here we go

As above so below
Down at the show
Where the gerls come innocent and the gerls leave hoes
Those that luv to cuddle
And those that wear rings
Those that long to to grab my nuts
And those that luv to sing
Those on the speaker stacks
And those where the tally whacker whacks
And those that whisper sweet nothings
While laying on their backs

Those that are barflies
With crocodile tears in their eyes
Those that luv to drink
And those that luv to get high
Those that give me hugs
And those that give me Kisses
Please drop your panties and grant me 3 wishes

Those that love me and those that luv you
Those that luve monogomous and luv group sex to
Where the turntables spin like so many black holes
We were thrown down from heaven
We are the lonely souls

Where the gerls luv to run
So that they can shake their things
The wisest of wise men
Can suck my ding-a-ling

From the club
To the Shanty
To the house down below
Where the gerls come innocent and the gerls leave hoes

I'm telling you this
And I'm telling you that
While I'm riding atop the back of a black cat

when I heard you album
I thought it sounded like crap
The name of your band should be " knee deep in shat "

This is what i say
And this is where i sat
Beating in you skull
With a fucking baseball bat

Down yonder hithro
And over yonder way
MTV Sucks
And the shit on the radio is gay

Yes where we luv to romp
And where we luv to play
I'm a pimp like the government
And I always get paid

Where we sip the sinister syrup
And we sip the marmalade
The economy is dead dieing
It's dried up like doomsday

Smoking out with he that walks behind the rows
We're rolling legs of lamb
And we're rolling big toes

We suckle codeine
And we does from the vile
When you shake your booty
Oh how it makes me smile

With a shit eating attitude
And a shit eating grin
You can suck a fart out of my ass
Because even senators sin

Oh how many wars can we fight at 1 time
Where the worker makes a nickle
And the lawyer makes a dime

Yep Yep My Dear

Lemme get a sip of your water
I wont put my mouth on the bottle

Visions of the living photograph

Old e , redbull, and hennesy to
Where we ran with sluts
And where we ran with fools

With the most precious of jewels
Smoking newports and kools
Go and tell the devil that I broke all the golden rules
Where I listen to donald glaude
And I listen to judge jules
This is what I say
And this is what I said
Where the gerls pull down their panties
That are black , pink, & red

With the blackest of stockings
That were oh pulled up high
When I got her in the bed
Yes I could here her sigh

She saw my donkey dick
And said
Oh it is thick
She showed me where the babies grow
And then we smoked a little off a brick

This is what I know
And this is what I said
Bitch I luv you
Like god luvs those that raise the dead

Yep Yep My Dear

Ghetto Hoes Shake Your Jelly Rolls

Visions of the living photograph

At the state palace
Or at the space bar
With the parking lot posse
Drunk driving a car
Break out a philly and lets go smoke on a gar
Yes my dear darling
I'll help you with your bra

Oh how I luv you
And how I long to know you better
I've never tasted a pussy
That was sweeter or wetter

Some would call me a racist
And some would call me a pig
But those people are just jealous
Cause they know my records are the biggest of the big

Yep Yep My Dear

Somebody pass me a bottle of tussin
Where the vicks vapo rub is
Lemme get a back rub
Glow sticking in cosmic pools of jello shots
Ya'll know ya'll laid up in a hotel room
Renting a $100 worth of porn
Laid up in the shower beating your dick
The smell of cigarette smoke in the breeze
Dirty clothes all over the floor
The bathroom mirror making your face look all broke out and funky
If you ain't got the money to buy clothes to get into the club
You can always come to the rave
Ya'll sing the chorus with me now

You and I
I need another pill
I need another pill
If this luv is real
Give me some X pills
If this luv is real

That's the way them club slutz do it
Twizzler thongs and Cotten candy crotches
Fruit Roll Up panties
Pink handcuffs
Sippin' lemonaide in the shade