The Joystick Made Of Gems Testo

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Testo The Joystick Made Of Gems

How much money do you have in your ash tray
Covered in roaches and ashes
Like burnt candles

With Spinning Rims
I'm playing video games with a joystick made of gems

Margarita's and tequila
Clothes made of hemp
Sex on the beach and fuzzy navels
Strawberry colada's
Peaches & Banana's
Bahama momma's and hurricanes
Heniken and Corona
Served with a lemon
Where wild mules
And hemmingways are served
The sweet and the sour
The pleasure and the pain
Served with honey and brandy
Where we sat next to the slot machines

Lemme get
Lemme get
Some of that budda cess from ya mane

Go head and put a little bit here in my cellophane

Soul brother mane
Lemme just
Lemme Lemme hit off that pipe

We're about to smoke on out
We represent the dirty south
With spinning rims
I'm playing video games with a joystick made of gems

Butter pecans
Butterfingers, snickers, and twix
Screwdrivers and lemon drops
Cotten Candy crotches with twizzler thongs
Sweet tarts and blotter
Viles and velvatine
Sour apples, Kamikazes , & jungle juice
Served with water melons
Cock tales , champagne , shot glasses, & poker
We're holding hands and eating pralines
Making luv and indulging on divinty
Where the buildings are made with purple rock candy
And gingerbread

This is how we do it where the sunrise never rose