Riots & Make Believe Testo

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Testo Riots & Make Believe

The secrets of the universe
Are held on answering machines

We are the wizards of the word wide web
Telling fairy tales

Recite with me along the astral pane
The language of the runes of the ruins
Lets go and start a riot
And learn how to make believe all over again

The stars in the sky
Are the campfires of the future
Where the insane disciples of madness lay naked
They are the fiends of forever
That long to live happily ever after

Listening to the lotus blossum of the endless lake
Make a wish upon the wormwood
At the crossroads of time
Her womb was a tomb
Drinking witch doctors wine
Send the 1 you luv
A heart shaped hologram
In a city made from bones

The radiating children of a dead god
Wear the ravens rings
The silent watchers of dark matter
Are crafting skeleton keys
Beckoning the armada