The Un-dieing Sun Testo

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Testo The Un-dieing Sun

Roll it tightly
Stars Shine Brightly
Where you luv me
Where you cuss me

Less undress
Less confess
Pop some pills
And ease our stress
Snort some blow
Here we go
VIP now at the show

Let it spin
In our sin
Oh I'd do
It all again

Dance with me
Beneath the trees
With the pirates
And the thieves

Hold my hand
And make a fist
You are my 1
And only wish

Here we sip
On absinthe
Roll the gar
And pass the 5th

Pop the trunk
Spread the tint
On the pillow
Leave a mint

In the sky
Tell the dead
That they have died

All the words that poets speak
We smoke out
And we tweek

With the wicked
And the meek

The days drift by where the police creep

Close your eyes
And go to sleep
Count the Wolves
And count the sheep

Roll the blunt
Roll the sweet
Everyday of every week

PCP and 2CB
Roll your eyes on XTC

Drop the screen
And hit the street
Black doc martins on my feet

Break the rules
And drink with fools
Everybody flaunt your jewels

Take a tab
Now take a dose
Send a gerl a purple rose

Lets have sex
While on X
Swipe the card
And cash the checks

Hit the pipe
And pop the thong
Smoke the Bong
And Sing Along

Everybody luvs my song