I'll Beat Cha Up Testo

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Testo I'll Beat Cha Up

I'll beat cha' up
I'll beat cha' up

I'll punch ya in the nose
And I'll kick ya in the butt

I'll beat cha' up

I ain't afraid of you
I aint's scared of you
You know i'll beat you up

I can smell your sour butt

I'll slap you in the face
And kick you in the nuts

You best shut up

Bitch you don't luv me
You only want me for my bag of weed
You best raise up off my killa tweeds
You don't want to get ddt'd
You got doo doo stains in your bvd's

I'll beat cha' up
I'll slap ya naked and hide ya close from ya
I'll beat cha' up

Gerl you used to be a hottie
Now you is a dirty
Crawl your ass back to the trailor park
And suck some dick for some cigarette money

I'll beat cha' up

You Best go wash your butt
Wore Out Slut

I'll beat cha' up

You ain't a dj
You play for gas money
Your name is dj buck fifty & you is mc bummy

You wear cut off blue jeans
And you've got a rash on your butt
Your grand mammy was a slut

Mutha fucka I'll beat cha' up

Your breathe it stinks
You 29 years old & you still hang out at roller rinks

Fool you ain't on the hit list
Go home & drink a bottle of some backwashed piss

I'll beat cha' up

Fuck the RIAA
I don't play that way

I'll beat cha' up

Take your mutha fuckin cd's to the dump
Throw that bullshit in a trash truck

I'll beat cha' up

You just got tore up

I'll beat cha' up