Ego Trippin' Freestyle Testo

Testo Ego Trippin' Freestyle

[16 Seconds without Sayin Anything]

[Lil' Matt]
You know me, I'm Lil' Matt niggaz
The king of the tat and king of the stat
Fuck y'all niggaz if you don't wanna gat
I'm Lil' Matt and I have a big blue rat named frat
If you don't know my name
I'ma be in the all star game
Fuck Joe Budden cause he gonna frame
You know I like sippin leen
Bitch nigga I'ma cut your spleen
Nigga your name ain't Dean
You know me I supremely mean
Like dat big big bean
Joe Budden you a Hoe Button
Don't give a fuck cause you ain't a fuckin lil duck
I got famed cause I was bein so lame
My name ain't James
My car is a crane nigga
I'ma break your house put a big ass fuckin mouse
I'ma double cross you mothafucka
I'm Lil' Matt nigga don't forget
Cause I'ma cut your throat
Fuck dat cause you a pussy ass nigga
I did this song cause it sounded kinda cool
Joe Budden you will maybe drool
Cause you fuckin suck at rappin
I'ma make you stop mothafucka
You think you a good slapper but look at me I'm a good rapper
My friends will fuckin diss you off nigga
You know I ain't fuckin, suckin, playin, hatin and tradin
I rather be in space with Blaze Bladin
Bitch nigga you better stop rappin
Bitch nigga you better stop slappin
Cause you a bitch who snitched and ditched mothafucka
This is the fuckin best song I eva done
Ego Trippin' Freestyle nigga
I diss you off cause you a bitch
The Ultramagnetic MC's where the ones who did this song
Money Mike and Blaze mothafucka
If they where here with me they gon fuckin diss you off
Joe Budden you a hoe bitch nigga you ain't gonna be anybody's foe
Joe Budden you just a mothafuckin son of a HOEEEEE!
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