Elimination Freestyle Testo

Testo Elimination Freestyle

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
[Lil' Matt Talkin']
This is Lil' Matt
Sippin leen, cutting spleen
You know me, still pimpin' penz
I'm with Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Lil' Flip and Slim Thug mothafuckas

[Lil' Matt]
Elimination, obliteration, fuck you niggaz still dramalization
Positive contact, fuck you in the back in my Lac inside your crack
Niggaz like you need a fuckin rack eatin potatoes in a sack sippin my drink
Fuck you I twink, sip my leen fuck you in between
Joe Budden you ain't shit, you ain't got the greatest hit
Fuck you nigga if you still sippin my leen, I'ma cut yo' spleen
Crippin down yo' lane fuckin shamed fuck you nigga I ain't like The Game
Niggaz like you need to fuck it up, fuck you nigga still sippin on your tea cup
Joe Budden you ain't fuckin, suckin on the L-I-L-M-A double T fuckin on yo' cup of tea
Freakin sweet, you still suckin your dick
Fat Joe and you, are fuckin whores, fuck you nigga you a fuckin hoe
Still sippin on yo' tea fuck you on yo' bed
My cousin Lil' Ed ain't fuckin on your bed but sleepin next to Fred
He ain't red, Joe Budden you suck you better stop rappin
If I see you in club I might just slap you not clap you mothafucka
Lil' Crippa and me are friends still in his crib eatin a lot of ribs
Lil' Matt's last verse fuck you I still purse niggaz like you need a fuckin verse

[Paul Wall, Lil' Flip and Slim Thug Talkin']