Who A Bitch Mothafucka Testo

Testo Who A Bitch Mothafucka

Adele: nel 2016 tour in Italia
[Chorus x2: Lil' Matt]
Who a bitch mothafucka (Joe Budden)
Who a bitch mothafucka (Joe Budden)
Who a bitch mothafucka (Joe Budden)
You know Joe Budden is a bitch mothafucka

[Lil' Matt]
You know who bitch mothafucka (Joe Budden)
That's right niggaz don't dare pull tha trigga
Cause that nigga Joe Budden ain't funnay
You betta runnay on yo' honey
Bitch mothafucka shut yo' mouth
Bitch mothafucka ain't the king of the South
I'm with the Lil' Thirteen Kings my nigga
Joe Budden you ain't got no friends they all dead
Fuck you nigga if you don't like Willy Wooh Wigga
You ain't shit to my uncle Harry Herd Higga
Lil' Will will kill you mothafucka
Lil' Screw will destroy yo' crew mothafucka
My cousin Lil' Ed will destroy yo' bed mothafucka
Lil' Crippa will be on Hippa and take you off mothafucka
Lil' Shawt will blame you cause it yo' fault mothafucka
Lil' Hustle has pure Mexican muscle what you have nothin mothafucka
Lil' Fate will make you bait mothafucka
Lil Skyscrapa won't raped ya mothafucka
Lil Blinga Ling will take your bling bling away mothafucka
Lil Head will make you dead mothafucka
Lil' Rap won't make you hap but he gon gat mothafucka
Lil Chrome will take you off yo' throne mothafucka
Lil' Matt will take that pussy ass tat of yours mothafucka
The Lil' Thirteen Kings will make you a piece of bling mothafucka
We are the Lil' Thirteen Kings mothafucka
We all got bling bling what about you
You got nothin but a piece of dingalings
You a mothafucka right Joe Budden
I got more friends for you to introduce
Chris the Wist will brake yo' wrist mothafucka
Aaron Flippa will make you give his chips away mothafucka
Dj Quiztid Rhymez will brake your hand mothafucka
Kevinized will make you blind mothafucka
Lil' Kenny won't make you ready mothafucka
Small Kyle won't make you smile mothafucka
Paul Wall will make you fall mothafucka
Mike Jones will make you into stones mothafucka
Tino the best Rino will take you a trill mothafucka
Slim Thug won't be able to hug you mothafucka
Lil' Keke won't freak you out mothafucka
Chamillionaire won't make you a millionaire mothafucka
Small Jose won't care about you mothafucka
Z-Ro will make you go down mothafucka
Aztek won't freakin outlet you mothafucka
Lil Flip will flip you around mothafucka
Big Ray will Sting Ray you mothafucka
Big Luiz will fuckin lose you mothafucka
Willy Wooh Wigga won't make you a nigga mothafucka
Stray will make you really gay mothafucka
Big HG won't make you a G mothafucka
Big Flexx will make you be dead mothafucka
J-Kwon will probably not won you mothafucka
Texas Mafias will take yo' money mothafucka
Koopsta will make you really shew dat mothafucka
Crippsta will make you flippsta mothafucka
Big Jamez will probably frame you mothafucka
Fuck you Joe Budden now let's do your friends
Fat Joe will probably be a foe mothafucka
Nas will make you drink gas mothafucka
The Game will probably frame you too mothafucka
Lil Scrappy will maybe crap on you
T.I. will probably betray you mothafuckas
You see Joe Budden you a mothafucka you surrounded

[Chorus: x2]