Ain't Promised Tomorrow Testo

Testo Ain't Promised Tomorrow

[Intro: 9th Prince]
Everybody gotta get they shine on, you know?
Yeah, my nigga Gooch, fuck ya'll bitch ass niggas want
On the productions, T.M.I., what up No Smiles?
Aiyo... scream on all ya'll muthafuckas, Smiles what up nigga?
9th Prism, uh-huh, scream on 'em

[Chorus x2: 9th Prince]
Life is a gamble, we scramble for dollars
Real niggas holla, my snub nose'll pop ya collar
I burn hotter than lava, Granddaddy Flow saga
You ain't promised tomorrow

[9th Prince:]
Aiyo, target practice, street hazardous
Sleep with the AK underneath the mattress
I'm not a shorty rhyming, I'm more like designing
Bullets blow ya spine in, fine wines and blue diamonds
Grenade in white, gold shining, murder he wrote
Once my lyrics slit his throat, notes float against the coast
Niggas turn spook like the holy ghost
I ain't hopping on no bandwagon, The Last Dragon
Granddaddy Flow assassin, bury them all
From the latest to the greatest
Dancing on the stair, aiyo, they got me on they hatelist
Contagious with mad faces, yo, life is like a deck of cards
And I'm playing for all aces

[Chorus x2]
[9th Prince:]
Aiyo, my mind is killing machine that flows like a guillotine
To the extreme, shines like an infered beam
Cause I'm Lord of the Rings, bulletproof blue jeans
Valor jackets, tephlon money green looking mean
In case you wanna get hype, young Bloods and Crips
Want they stripes, give 'em a reason, put a bullet in ya windpipe
My gun hold, sixteen strikes, that'll keep the crowd motivating all night
Til the break of light, 4th Disciple, keep the clubs right, I'm cooler than cool
Iller than I'll, born to be, realer than real
Everything I say you feel, like hot lead from blue steel
Niggas lose strategy, your majesty, the warrior's tragedy
Lyrical casualties

[Chorus x2]

[Tommy Whispers:]
Turn any spot into the block, sipping the rock
Twisting the bop, one leg on the wall, watching for cops
Invaders, brick wall, elevators major men
Persuaded in a one night stand, according to plans
My joint don't jam, oil a nozzle
Goggle a bottle, half an inch, here, take a swallow
Sneak in the Apollo with the gift of gab, no ride
Gotta hitch a cab, on the blid-ock, pitching a slab
This pisces, mixed in an ocean with red crabs
In the gym practice the left jab, you pussy ass
Your gun don't blast, muthafucka, we pull fast ones
Make fast ones, Stapleton grandson, the older crowd
Taught me to teach the new breed, sip brew, twist weed
Twirl twigs, Tommy Two-Times
Twist twinkle sticks, wiggle wiggle, I got gift
Like Kris Kringle, top dollar, nigga, fucking holla