Never Front Testo

Testo Never Front

[Intro: Beretta 9 (9th Prince)]
High tech, one-two, check it, check it out
Got to do the knowledge, all these phases (word up)
(Beretta 9) dart specialist (9th Prince) live, check it out, yo
Yo, aiyo, aiyo, aiyo

[Beretta 9:]
Ninja Gaiden, Iron Maiden, out to murder Satan
Dart gets smart, just before my heart, Blood for Blood
Red Dawn, it's on, popcorn, first platoon a song
Cypher Heat, kid, turn another corner, step into my field
Destroy or build, kill or be killed, kid, you know the deal
For real, would you like to feel, caps'll peeled, we kill but don't spill
What you expect? In the Pillage, death village
Killa Bee, first degree, murdering, you discontinued
One dart will end you, fast like amber soil
We off the wall, quick to tap your jaw, I do you God Allah
Forever bout it, never go nowhere without it
Beretta 9, in the house, ya'll better think about
You better think about it, think about it, think about it

[9th Prince:]
Think about it, yo, verbal intellect, guns is loaded with high tech
Iron steel pellets richochetting like it's my bulletproof Avirex
Stash it in your Memorex, that I'm nasty like Cinemax porno sex
Conversate, translate to New York State, crystal stream ya rhyme rate
Making crates, Math defy it, mixed with rap poison
The snakes who wanna slay our sake, my name remains in the hall of fame
Back to back, we crack cocaine
Darts aiming flames, I'm hazardous like a virus from Osirus
Thugs scat' like mice
Receive ki's when they roll dice, I chop off the heads
Of the unchosen, for the Wu-Tang sacrifice
Beretta 9, aiming at the front line
He's ready to steal that kill, once the bullet hit the mind
Time schedule, three years of Islord, life in federal
We rebels, who kill for Olympic gold medals

[Chorus: Beretta 9]
Aiyo, we patriots, slash mercenists, do dirt for this
Spill blood for this, marksmen assassin, hardly ever do we miss
We put our work in this, we put our hearts in this
And we should give our life in this, before we ever front on this
Front on this

[Beretta 9:]
Aiyo, Born Build, summer heat, icey hot, play the street
Twelve month, seven day a week, cat, now, we here
Blood's heart, fuck bird's art, bitch slap retard
Sprint fast, wind up in mass, bloody cash
It's like, don't start shit, won't be shit
Allah quick to spot shit, snatch shit, you know my neck kid
Don't splash it, cop my joint and blast it
The shit sound hype in your whip, make you tape the crime rap shit
Mega graphical, always speak actual
Only deal with natural, one hundred percent
Five percent, militant, aim with the intent
Beretta 9, check the mind, on some empty the clip

[9th Prince:]
Lyrical fireworks, celebrate at the ninth annual
Roman candles, sand niggas with spike sandals
Attack like a killer whale, Discovery Channel
I'll graphics of a visual mammal, underseas, MC's bleed
Rhyme verbal disease, die slow on your knees
Kill the circulation in your bloodstream
Shiesty like Starscream, research my verbs
With a magnifying glass, and the audience that refuse me, get sprayed
Vocabulary tear gas, Shaolin vikings
Buckwild like Hitler, drunk off German Heinekens
I blast seeds, leave niggas pregnant with the thought
A miscariage on the average, my proposal through the microphone
Brings forth a bloody marriage
Octomo torpedo flow, throw the Pope in a yoke
Suffocate on chokehold, black out the ax
Ironman had my iron hand, the gun hijack the first flight to Iran
9th Prince stand like a terrorist on hot sands