Sniper Challengers Testo

Testo Sniper Challengers

[Intro: Islord]
Haha, muthafuckas, yeah, muthafuckas
We gonna spread ya niggas like Smucker's
Bitch ass niggas... word up, yeah, niggas
You thought we left, right?
But we ain't went no muthafucking where
Muthafuckas... cause we don't - youknowhatimsaying?
Yo, 9th Prince, youknowhatimsaying?
Yo tear these niggas up, man
Let these niggas know what really time it is and shit
Knowhatimean? Let these niggas really fucking know what time it is
Break these niggas muthafucking jaws if you have to
Knowhatimsaying, son, yo give it to these niggas real raw, son

[9th Prince:]
Aiyo, Staten Islanders, rhyme challengers, carry silencers
I spit like the snipers, right through the shot
Martin Luther King off the banister, lyrical dillinger
Came to battle cats, the contender
I'm a terrorist, not like P.R., but more like Pablo Escobar
And the Al Qaeda squad of Gods, do a drive-by
Just because of stupid, I adjusted in a beat up car
Take heads like Wallace D. Farad, holy war scriptures
Written in my dialogue, digital vocals
I'm far from analog, smash you with a Garth Brooks guitar
Then blow like M-80's, have my lady, wave the three 80
Shatter your glass, on your Maybach Mercedes
Poisonous rhyme venom, spark shit like 'ism
Still terrorizing, corporation your organisms
Aiyo, ya'll niggas must be really fucking stupid
Going up against me, don't you know, kid
I put end to careers, be
So who gassed ya'll? Who put batteries in ya'll back
For ya'll to step up, to get viciously attacked
By this animal, who tears the hearts out of challengers
Everyday, everywhere I go, everywhere I be
I tear the hearts out of challengers
And ya'll definitely ain't no different, who the fuck is you?
I put one, two, three, four, five, six, plus ten slugs in your muthafucking crew
Bitch ass nigga, get slapped nigga
Going against my muthafucking style, nigga
Cause I'm straight from Staten Island, where niggas be wilding
Killah Hill 10304, where shit is crazy raw like the meat market

[Chorus x4: 9th Prince, Islord]
Killarmy, we never left
We never went nowhere, we still here

[Outro: 9th Prince]
Niggas, yeah, ya'll know what time it is
Islord, 9th Prince, Beretta 9, P.R. Terrorist
Killa Sin, I see you kid, ShoGun Assason
4th Disciple, get ready for the camouflage entourage