We Write The Songs Testo

Testo We Write The Songs

[Intro: 9th Prince]
Yeah, what's up? Live from muthafucking L.A.
Uh-huh, the streets is mine, oh, word, it's like that?
Word up, all you fake ass gangsta niggas, yeah
Put a fucking grenade in your fucking mouth
Yeah, aight, yeah, Leggezin, 9th Prince

[Chorus x2: 9th Prince]
We write the songs that make the whole world sing
We write the songs that make you pop them thangs
We write the songs, we write the songs

[9th Prince:]
Yo, it's all about white tees, fly kicks and jeans
By any means, forever we scheme and get that cream
Rap is like crack, like Fat Cat, we keep feeding the fiends
Who's the hypest MC? 9th Prince or Jay-Z
Never seem to amaze me, my raps getting more plays than glaze the streets
9th Prince the general, ya'll more like rookies
Sweet like LL Cool J cookies
I'm the amazing, the only rap man, that ever ran with Harley Davidson
You got these bitch niggas, wannabe rich niggas
Gold diggers and itchy triggers
Out to make a billion out of seven figures
Yo, ya'll niggas is sweet like candy
This is for my nigga Sandy
9th Prince is found one deep, creep through these dark streets
With a nine and bible, stashed in the passenger seat

[Chorus x2]

[9th Prince:]
Aiyo, we gladiators, stampede the streets
Egyptian techniques, my father named me Kato
Must of drunk, buggin' out off some flicks by Bruce Lee
Verbal holocaust, niggas be calling me Hitler
The black Texas Chainsaw Massacrew
Madison Square, party crasher
Lamping at the Summerfield suits, in too deep
Watch me creep, with automatic weapons
Lift your feet off the concrete, the New York City terrorist
Planting bombs like Saddam
Grenade white gold charm, holding my dick, talking to police
With firearm in my palm, but I'm still calm

[Chorus x2]