Stand Proud Testo

Testo Stand Proud

[Intro: female singer]
Stand proud, 9th Prince is coming...

[Chorus x2: female singer]
Yell out, run down the record
Gonna feel my rhyme, gonna feel my rhythm
Stand proud, 9th Prince is coming
To the radio, runnin' in your system

[9th Prince:]
Aiyo, my lyrics take flight like state troopers on turn pikes
I've been a wizard before Air Jordan Mike
Computer freaks, I'm like a spider on your website
Spitting poisonous venom, rugged like Killarm' jeans denim
9th Prince a poetry writing, expert
Staten Island scarfaces, felony cases
Banned from your network
Demolition Madman performing live in your concert
Breaking records with hip hop jams
My fam soundscan from Z100 to KissFM
Hot 97, all day, every day
My verbal gunplay, spray like a AK
Make the party people wanna dance like Donay
Insert my CD inside your disc play
Turn up your radio, one man army scenario
Here we go yo, the kids love me
Like Saturday morning cartoons, milk & cereal, word up, yo

[Chorus x2]
[9th Prince:]
Aiyo, I flow like Blue Magic, my slang ebonics
Is banging like Delfonics
Killarm' is like a young Temptation, my hand is crippled
Writing wiht frustration, baby boy you ain't got no patience
I was born and raised in the Big Apple
Made from the best stuff on Earth like Snapple
I unravel, let the mind travel, we can battle
Live on 105.1, go and get your sons to get up out your guns
Put up a million ones, the 9th Prism
Blast this in your system, Madman
Hit 'em with the knowledge and the wisdom
Understand, what I give 'em
That the black man made the rhythm, made the rhythm

[Chorus x4]