Vandalism Testo

Testo Vandalism

[Hook x4: Tekitha - in the background of intro/chorus]
Words come directly from wisdom
9th Prince is here to come save... come save...

[Intro: 9th Prince]
It's time right here, Word up
What the fuck son, You niggas don't know
Show you the door, Yo, Yo
Yeah, What, A nigga know it's on right
Ya'll niggas ain't know son
What the fuck, Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo...

[Chorus x2: 9th Prince]
Synonyms or antonyms I use as verbal venoms
My rap terrorism, journalism or vandalism
9th Prism terrorizin victims
Wu organism, pillaging like the pilgrims

[9th Prince:]
9th Prince wisdom is like a poisonous virus venom
Bionic venom attack the minds of the victims
Intimate portrait of a killer blood spiller, Illa rhyme spitter
Verbal holocaust, The unexplained by Prince Hitler
My sword is a tongue used to unhung the young, Third rock from the sun
Shocks run through your body from the veins of my verbal stun gun
The black gun man, I murder like a cowboy from Dallas
Tune into global war with Mike Wallace
Today's forecast is raining cats and dogs, Open up the catalog
It's filled with sweat hogs, Local street muts
Sendin niggas to the morgue, I'm on point like a hit man schedule
Night of the generals, Kidnap the emeralds
Verbal king emperor, Rhyme prime minister
My code name in 9th Prince of thieves slash axe murderer
Anthrax, Tracks on wax, Crack cocaine raps
I'll blow a hole in your back with the lyrical mack

[Chorus x2]
[Hook x2]

[9th Prince:]
Saddam slang reins like hurricanes, Purple rain
Watch your armor stand in pain, Black patriots in chains
Watch how they brain wash your brains
They remain on slaves ships with microchips and spill more blood then crips
My penmanship's these battleships, Psychic pirate
I write death threats to scripts
9th Prince is the apocalypse in from dark tropics
Murderous topics, freeing Riker's Island convicts
My style is unorthodox, Fifty-two hand blocks
Rock your snot box, Then slice your throat with a cyanide ox
I rose with Black Knights, A military server to King RZA's empire
Surrounded with tigers, Emcees clash, Yours is fiber
On digital cyber, All ya'll snakes move like anaconda viper
Time bomb, Napalm, Saddam is calm, Do load the Iron Palm grenade charm
Nineteen ninety-nine Olympics, Revenge of the Iron Fingers vs. Golden Arms
Science to the explicit, In this cold world it is a blizzard
Hip hop critics, Pay attention to this Vietnam war ring
Global world touring, It's 9th Prince niggas
And yo, I wanna blow like Lauren.

[Chorus x2]
[Hook x2]

[Outro: 9th Prince w/ hook repeating to fade]
Straight up and down, Word to God, (Motherfuckers)
It's Killarm run up on your whole squad
Pick up the LP, One love to my peoples, (Word up)
Black guerrilla fam, Killarm, (Killarm Killarm)
We come to bomb like Suzam, Straight up and down niggas
My nigga Hass, Put down your sword, (Ruthless Bastardz, Word Up)
Wu-Tang Clan, (One La-Love) Word up, Killarm, 9th Prince