Bottomline Testo

Testo Bottomline

[Intro: Tash Mahogany (9th Prince)]
The bottomline, baby
Y'all niggas (yea!) runnin' out of time
9th, this is the bottomline (uh-huh)
You're runnin' out of time
You won't know what it was

[9th Prince:]
9th Prince is cold hearted, opponents get hyperdermiac
Below zero flow, enemies turn into eskimos
Incognito, and don't wanna be Al Pacino
Underground forever like Stretch and Bobbito
Spit great balls of fire, intelligent live wire
Characters get assassinated by Sire, industry date expire
Pull out the ammo and let off on all you cowards and liars
Yo, smokin' guns on the streets of Medina
Baby girl named Nina, a bad bitch like Trina
The asiatic Gladiator, breakin' backs like Russell Crowe
Live in the arena, I'm from Staten Island
Ghetto hoods is like Riker's Island
Police be harrassin', guns be blastin'
Unique ways and actions, pure satisfaction
This ain't a gimmick, I don't dress for thug fashion

[Chorus x2: 9th Prince]
This is the bottomline, we live the life of righteous crimes
Snake niggas drop a dime, fake industry cats is out of time
The Granddaddy Flow is in it's prime, bust guns like tech nines

[9th Prince:]
Yo, the 12 bar killer, rhyme gorilla
Shorty middle name Vanilla, kick the Granddaddy Flow acapella
The bottomline is what I tell her, 9th Prince is Cinderfella
On rainy days, I walk with a nine tucked under my umbrella
Pull up in front of the club with my logo, spinnin' on dubs
Sometimes, it's all about love, like when the bouncer
Creepin' us in the back door with the snubs
Wicked society, deep conspiracy theory be real, for real can y'all feel me?
I take hip-hop seriously, this is Nat Turner poetry, cash floetry
And still collect their heads for trophies, I'm like the skyscraper
Handsome womanizer, like B.I.G. I 'hypnotize' ya
My dick tranquilize ya, niggas get high but 9th Prince go higher, yo
My album is hot fire

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Tash Mahogany (9th Prince)]
(This is the bottomline)
9th, this is the bottomline, they're runnin' out of time
They won't know what it was, that's the bottomline
They feel it like a crime, they runnin' out of time
They won't know what it was, that's the bottomline