Shut Your Mouth Testo

Testo Shut Your Mouth

[Intro: 9th Prince]
Let's get this money...

[9th Prince:]
Clash of the Titans, when I write
I paint a better picture than James Patterson or James Baldwin
Run and tell that to the mountain
Players get wet up, I leave 'em leaking like a water fountain
Count more cash than accounting
I love what I do for a hobby
I been flowing, since my mother was calling my brother RZA, Robbie
Niggas inhale the carbon but can't copy
You work too sloppy, flowing in the project hallways
While you was getting robbed in the lobby
Valor suit with the Gucci patch on the back
Pockets bulging, cause my money is stacked
Shootouts down the street from the rib shack
Just came home from doing a 3 and a half flat, now I'm back on the map
My wordplay is sponsored by ASCAP
The man of steel in a bulletproof Cadillac
You sick under my conditions, here's the perscriptions
I appear then disappear like a magician
Then thought crucifiction, the way I was missing
But I came back hitting, raw beats, impeach the President is the mission

[Chorus x3: 9th Prince]
I'm a bad mutha - shut your mouth
Now is time, to make ya'll bounce
I'm taking hip hop back, from the dirty south
There's no doubt, I built my clout

[9th Prince:]
Yo, while I be celebrity profiling
Like niggas in jail, you be freestyling
Attica to Riker's Island, like Arthur I kill on Shaolin
Red apple Porsche, 9/11
The rims is badder than my niece Heaven
License plate red 007, the glove department
Big enough to fit the mac-11, antique denim jeans
By any means take it to the extreme
Niggas soft like ice cream, get scooped up when the bullets lift you up
Yeah, followed by the laser beam
And flee the homicide scene
The beast is calling me, the streets is calling me
This is how supposed to be, money, clothes & hoes, yeah
Exclusive luxury, black turban on my head
Busting at the feds, I'm wanted alive or dead
That's what the New York Post said
Niggas done fucked up the game
Niggas in jail said it's a fucking shame
How all these lames, playing for fame
I should start calling names
But if I do, yo, I might make it reign

[Chorus x3]