We Know Testo

Testo We Know

You want some evidence, want some proof, but you can´t see the light, you can´t see the truth! [It´s what I never know, what I never, never know!] Growing, moaning, getting old, something that cannot be told. Living, starving in a mould ... in a mould called ... Hey listen, some things we´d like to say. It happened on a misty night and now it seems so far away. We asekd how it could be that culture is inside ourselves (or on a shelf) and wether it´s for free! I look outside my window, up into the sky, the wind again is blowing as the clouds are passing by. All I can do is ponder, wonder, ponder ... wonder what´s around me and you and all of us. A so-called society, lack of variety, a monotonous scene that seems repeating every day! Hey, look around you, is everything o.k.? Yes ? Then look closer and you´ll find another way. It seems they managed to hide their damaged society, anxiety is always around you! In our artificial happiness, freedom´s a mere thought. Creativity´s abandoned, inspiration´s somewhere lost. We all know that so much there can be done, but something still seems wrong, it seems we´re blinded by the sun. I know the truth is always hard to find, maybe it´s in ourselves, maybe it´s been denied! Hey there actions are deafening my ears! Is anybody caring about others fears ? Isolation is growing, communication´s decreasing, just tell me, oh where is culture found!