You Testo

Testo You

Tell me why the sky is blue. Tell me why the wheel is turning. Tell me why your heart is burning when you´ve lost someone you love. You´re looking for the meaning of life, don´t know if you´ll ever find. Days turn to weeks, months seem the same. Will there ever be an end to this pain ? Tell me why your blood is frozen, when you´ve lost someone you love. But suddenly, the situation´s changing. A gleaming light at the end of the road. First I don´t recognize, but after second guessing, I see it all too clear. Wish I could stop the time and hold the moment, ´cause you´re the one who set me free, set me free ... Like a bright spot on the horizon, you are the cure to my disease. You´re the sunshine on a cloudy day. The reason I find some inner peace.