Your Abuse Testo

Testo Your Abuse

Seems so ridicoulus to me, wonder how ridicoulus it can be! I close my eyes, so I can´t see, your abuse in front of me. Were those words just to deceive or is it success that makes you leave ? I close my eyes so I can´t see, your abuse in front of me ... I´ll never know, what made you change your mind and go. In the blink of an eye, you turned, you lied and said goodbye. I´ll never know, never know, what you wanted me to show. Immeasurable ignorance, it didn´t need that long to grow! Just another day, again my hope is floating away. Destruction of your mind, I can´t believe that your so blind! It´s just the music that will change, me and the rest will stay the same. Immeasurable ignorance, when will you see what´s left to gain!