My Life Testo

Testo My Life

This is my lot, this is my way
won´t follow no one´s rules but mine
I was never meant to be a saint
Leave me alone - THIS IS MY LIFE
... and not yours to live

I´m a punk since I was fifteen
I´ve been to places that you´ve never seen
Played in a band, going anywhere
And growing up always seemed so far away...

Don´t tell me now I´ve missed the race
I´d swap no big job for these days...

This is my lot, this is my way
I´m just the one I chose to be
It´s none of your business, stay away!
Leave me alone - THIS IS MY LIFE

I know well I´m no teen anymore
But still know what I am living for!
Sex and drugs, fun and Rock´n´Roll
and a cause in a rebel state of mind

Don´t tell me I´ve messed up my life
I´ll have no regrets in my grave...

Don´t tell me how my life has to be
Leave me alone, don´t mess with me...
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