Borderline Testo

Testo Borderline

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Living with a split in your identity
it´s not an easy ride...
it tortures your mind, you don´t get it straight
Outward no difference it´s hard to see
there´s something on inside
It has been alright - what's happened tonight?

Handling is tricky and all sense fails,
and instructions ain´t been made
Black hole of the science, a borderline case
Once again it happens you flip your lid
and I don´t know what I´ve done
I feel like I´m done but don´t wanna run...

What´s going on inside your brain?
You can´t rid yourself of all the strain
What makes you tick-tick-tick?
I can´t do it right - it´s the enemy inside
What´s going on, what do you see?
Is it real or a game of fantasy?
As long as we don´t cross we´re doing fine
Don´t cross the BORDERLINE!

Living with a split in your identity
that´s no easy ride...
A borderline case, a black hole for science
Once again I wander around lonely streets
to watch the city lights
and cudgel my brains alone in the night
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