Raise Your Voice Testo

Testo Raise Your Voice

or you're gonna waste away
you've gotta face the facts
switch on your rusty brain
or you're gonna waste away
We all sat back too long,
it's time to make a stand!

When I was younger punk was still meant as a threat
meanwhile all sorts of dickheads infiltrate
It's more like a morass where cancer grows
The foe is right in front of our nose
- in our own rows...

We stood by and watched it for too long!

Some of the guys you hang around with don't belong
into the movement we all try to carry on for so long
beat up your friends with their old Nazi comrades
when they're not camouflaged at streetpunk gigs
- as your mates...

The way you act will show us where you stand
and if you square up to this lot in the end
We need to ban this grey area disgrace
or are our wits so blunted nowadays?
So let's face the facts now...
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