Mission Mohawk Testo

Testo Mission Mohawk

Yes, we're on a rampage - all sinners not saints
We`re turning up the volume
shoot anthems up your veins,
hail from the nowhere though here all the time
forged to be fighting on the front line

Won't die out like our endangered species,
still young in our hearts and out to kick ass!
We're leaving a mess and chaos in our wake -
Berlin rockers out on a strike...

Watch out, outta the way
Here comes Bad Company
So let's go, start it now
Watch out, hear us play
The punks are running free
Amps loud, join us now
We're on a mission here...

We`re a gang of five on a mission mohawk,
deliver your daily dose of punkrock
Billy is Scottish and Marti's from Spain,
Andy and Stephan I know from Berlin

You can't ignore us, we're not giving in
While others count bills we rather drink Gin!
Ain't out for the fame but genuineness,
no jokers in the pack but rather five aces...

Now we're back here on stage - all sinners not saints,
recruited to blow shit out of your brains
Go fuck Emo - trend is for fools
Attitude counts and Punk still rules!

Billy's a cunt and Marti's from Spain,
Andy and Stephan I know from Berlin
You can`t ignore us, we`re around far too long
risen from the ashes of OXYMORON...

Amps on, hear us play
You're in Bad Company
So let's go, start the show
Amps loud, it's our way
we are Bad Company
so watch out, here we go
We're on a mission here...
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