Danger Zone (Part 1) Testo

Testo Danger Zone (Part 1)

Here´s a warning for you - it´s the final one
Do not step no further, don´t dare to go on
Now it´s getting serious, there´s no time to waste
Better get out of here, it ain´t safe this place...

Foes are all around you, every minute counts
Every steps a risk - pray you won´t be found
Your instincts are cautious, it's code red for you
Better you've got good reasons for going through a...

DANGER ZONE - there was no sign, but you´re lost in a...
DANGER ZONE - it´s a place you´d call hell
(there´s no easy way out...)
DANGER ZONE - I hope your cause is worth fighting for

In your own way you´re a soldier out there on patrol
In enemy territory - game´s on, no rules...
Courage ain´t the matter if you face your foe
In this case it´s just about getting through the...

Here´s my warning for you - you´re on shaky ground
Trust no one around or you´re going down!
Think about it twice now, hold out till the end:
any ill-considered act and you´ve had it...
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