Eat This Testo

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Testo Eat This

[Intro: spoken]
Say, I've been in this motherfucker all this time
and ain't had nobody down there
playing in this pussy
God damn!

[Verse 1]
We're the new rap queens in the city
We kick so much ass our damn shoes are shitty
Weak ass niggaz talk that same old shit
About they want a fly bitch to suck they dick
Now eat this pussy is what you can do
Suck it and suck it till your ass turn blue
The pussy is hot and good to G O
Hold on for a second while I lay on the floor
When I wrap this pussy around your goddam chin
Go down an inch and meet a very close friend
Her name is La La aka vagina
So introduce yourself but if you need a little help
I'm a take your head and lead you there
Let your tongue part the hair
It's gonna feel so good, and maybe even mushy
So come on down and eat my pussy

[Chorus: sung]
Pussy, pussy, yeah
Know you want to eat my pussy

[Verse 2]
Nice clean air coming from your throat
Now blow on my pussy until I float
And if I ain't floating, keep on blowing
I'll be sure to let you know which way I'm going
Pussy ain't nothing but skin on a bone
Fuck it, suck it, or leave it alone
I'm a lay right here on my back
While you stick your tongue in the center of my crack
Now make like my pussy is a fucking horn
And blow on that sucker 'till the break of dawn
When I chose you I made a hell of a pick
Boy, you eat pussy like a professional trick
I'm sure having fun with your goddam tongue
It's so fine, my pussy is tickling my lungs
Suck it like a roll, but not on a Tootsie
But come on down, and eat my pussy

[Chorus: x4]

[Baby Girl]
Is Eazy-E gonna eat your pussy or what?
Think he didn't?
[Baby Girl]
That's OK 'cause I got my pussy eaten real good last night
Wait a minute, wait a minute
y'all want to know who I want to eat my pussy?
[Baby Girl]
[Baby Girl]
Oh, cucumber dick motherfucker!
[Baby Girl]

[Verse 3]
Suck it, lick it and taste it
Fried, boiled or even basted
Keep licking and sucking and sucking and licking
Eating my pussy like it's Kentucky Fried Chicken
You say you don't eat pussy, you a goddam liar
Nigga, you was born eating at the wire
Give me a quick slick lick on top of this clit
'Cause I don't want to see that dick
Pull it out just a little bit
Let your tongue and lips work this clit
'Cause quiet as kept, you ain't through yet
Lick around my asshole, that makes me wet
'Cause no one knows where the nose goes
Yeah, I like it right there, it's curling my toes
Quit on the dick, it's for a real wussy
So come on down, and eat my pussy

[Chorus: x8]

[Sounds of man performing cunnilingus]