Freaky Daze Testo

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Testo Freaky Daze

[Chorus: x4]
These are the days, the Freaky Daze
These are the days of the woman's ways

[Verse 1]
We met this man, Sugar Daddy D
He had a big ass dick, and he stuck it in me
We fucked in the car, and then in the house
Yeah, you know it, he fucked me in my mouth
Tea is fine, but the man is wild
I screamed, please daddy fuck me doggy style
He left the house, tired as a fuck
We knew we weren't finished, he was ready to suck
We went back out late that night
We met another nigga that looked alright
He said his name was Ced, we gave the boy some head
Fall in the bed till his ass was dead
USDA choice prime beef
Yeah, you know the nigga, his name is Keith
We fucked Keith, we fucked him on the table
That's his cum on top of our navel


[Verse 2]
Well my name is Kim but they call me Baby Girl
I got that name from my homeboy Darrel
You see, I'm very pretty, I always act shitty
I got a small waistline and a big ass behind
I give H E A D
I want a big black dick just for me
Now let me tell you this, since we're talking dick
I met this nigga, said his name was Nick
Now Nick was freaking, freaking me well
He made my pussy get hotter than the flames of hell
I was acing shit-ty
I met this nigga in Atlantic City
He said his name was Shy Dog
He was a beautiful black man driving a hog
I said, let me suck your dick, and give you a show
It's going to cost you money 'cause you know that I'm a hoe
I know a pussy sucker, his name is Joe
He took me to his house and he ate me on the floor
The boy got freaky, and wanted a show
He pulled out his money, begging for more
I want a big dick, as black as can be
'Cause that's what it'll take for a hoe like me
Yeah you know my DJ, her name is Diva
If you fuck her, suck her, you can never leave her

[Chorus x3]

[Verse 3]
The hoe is Jazzy, getting it her way
She's a Penthouse Pet, ready to play
Wearing nothing but leather and black pantyhose
Nigga, you saw her napping in Vogue
I'm a juice you, seduce you
Said nigga, excuse you?