Little Dick Testo

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Testo Little Dick

[Verse 1]
You got a little dick
And motherfucker, I don't think I can cope with it
That shit, goddam
I'm not the one that you can come on
I need a man with muscle that's big and strong
'Cause I like to fuck it once the dick's in sight
But the dick is so little, kind of gave me a fright
You a ran a game on what you can do
Well that's your shit, I'm embarrassed for you
See shit like that can get your ass smoked
'Cause you're crying and lying about the size of your dick
Size twelve, size nine, no under six
Come on with it, and try and tell the truth
There's a bitch that can help you, her name is Dr. Ruth
You need to seek counseling, and get some good advice
Any bitch will tell you, a big dick sure feel nice
I'll take it five one, or six foot six
But you gets none coming with your teeny weeny dick
Blind, crippled or crazy, I'll take them eight to eighty
Every day, a brand new pick
But you can't get nowhere, 'cause you got a Little Dick

Little Dick, who do you think you are?
Little Dick, you're not going to get very far
Little Dick, I won't ride in your car
Little Dick, just who do you think you are?

[Verse 2]
You even went on Geraldo and Oprah Winfrey show
Lying about how you done fucked a hoe
Nigga please, I didn't give you any
The dick is too short and had the nerve to be skinny
I know it's wrong to put you on the spot
But your dick is the size of a microdot
And that's small, but that's not all
Your ass is lacking one of them balls
Now I know it's just a stereotype
Because you're a black man with a very small swipe
Bragging about all the ends you're getting with
You need to go out and buy a brand new dick
Don't feel bad, 'cause I know you're not alone
There's a lot of brothers perpetrating with a little boner
They got all their bitches hanging on their arms
Filling their ears with too much charm
But then they get them home and throw them in the bed
The bitch want to go, 'cause there ain't no dick head
Snorting base or smoking happy stick
A bitch don't want a brother with an itty bitty dick


[Verse 3]
Fuck a little dick, coming straight from my heart
The shit is so little, does it really get hard?
Your dick to me is like a goddam joke
Leave it alone boy, it ain't no hope
It's like magic, you got a little dick
Not the Johnson, he's having big fun
Like Michael Jordan, he's got a big one
I'll play with your mind, boy, your dick is like a toy
Like a Weeble that wobbles, like a nipple on a bottle
Little like that, is how you stand
A much bigger dick is now in demand
Calling all dicks from across the world
Contact the hoe, call me Babygirl
Interviews begin at half past six
First requirement is a very big dick
Long to the bone, ready to ram
Slam, bam, thank you ma'am
Those are words that you can't get with
Face the fact: you've got a little dick