Funk Me Testo

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Testo Funk Me

Funk me baby

[Verse 1]
All y'all that's full of fear
Pull up a chair, relax your ear
HWA is in the place
Freaks of the week like to funk me in the face
We do it real nasty when we're on the floor
Come on baby, funk me some more
Funk me in the front and funk me in the back
Now you're doing it, I like it like that
The dance is hot and a sheer delight
Don't worry about the steps, 'cause you're gonna get it right
With our big old butts, and tiny little waists
I can't say those words, I might get a case
It takes a lot of rehearsing 'cause we can't do no cursing
We can say it much better when we use four letters
Take the N out of funk, and add a C
It's a new dance now, called the Funk Me

[Chorus: x8]
Funk me baby

[Verse 2]
Nice and clean, that's what I mean
Funk me with a man with a real long thing
Grab your butt with a real big cup
It really doesn't matter when you do it with a slut
Black, White, Puerto Rican
When you're doing this dance you got to do a lot of freakin
Move that butt from left to right
It feels so good, I want to do it all night
Look him in the face, check he's a cutie
Twenty inches down, a great big booty
Like a light on a wall, you're turning me on
You work that body 'till the break of dawn
I'm getting kind of hot and I'm starting to sweat
Look between your legs, your pants are wet
I'm dropping you down right to your knees
But don't stop now to the funk me, please

[Chorus: x8]

[Verse 3]
Give me that man 'cause it's time to dance
To the dopest beat from my producer Pimp C
Call me Baby Girl. the mike MC
Step on up so we can do the Funk Me
The Funk Me is a dance that you might not recall
Bend over, give him booty and just had to suck his balls
Stay in total control to make a sucker unfold
If you don't believe me you can check the polls
Dom Perignon I'm drinking all through the night
Feeling real fly, funking with my boy Miike
Pull the boy close, just a bit harder
Raise up my skirt so he can´peek out my garter
Shaking my thing on the dance floor
The boy got tired, but I wanted some more
Steaming hot, is how it should be
Stand up everybody and do the Funk Me

[repeat and fade]