Nasty Testo

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Testo Nasty

[Verse 1]
We're going to try and keep this rhyme real clean
But you know we're just too goddam mean
And yes little sucker we're all about the green
Not stamps, not suits, not your green ass shoes
But listen when we tell you, 'cause you think your dick grew
High class sneakers are ready to play
You said, come on nappy head nigga coming your way
We got to the party late that night
Fine ass bitches looking dynamite
We was dressed in leather and Egyptian lace
Big ass behinds with a tiny little waist
We walked in the door, then a nigga want to dance
Old nasty motherfucker don't stand a chance

He's Nasty
Too Nasty

[Verse 2]
Black ass nigga want to take us out
Talking all that shit, flaunting all his clout
Black ass nigga was draped in gold
Driving Mercedes with a portable phone
He was a big ass nigga, about six foot six
But the big motherfucker didn't have no dick
Black, White, Puerto Rican
Nasty ass niggaz, you're all I'm freaking
[Chorus x4]

[Verse 3]
You want a fine ass hoe to take to the fight
Old fake ass nigga, your money ain't right
So the next time you see us, don't even call our name
Nasty ass niggaz, we ain't playing your game
Now here's a short story about a nasty ass nigga
He's a player, a dapper, and a bitch slapper
He can even wear the title of a nasty ass rapper
He sings dirty rap, talking about t the cum
But he's perpetrating fucking seven days out the week
He talks like this is true, which is none of the sort
He ain't getting no pussy, 'cause his dick is too short
Yeah I said you were ready to play
This ain't Burger King, you can't have it your way
Do anything and keep my mouth shut
Hmm, come over here, let me show you what's what
Suck on this
Step out of line, and you will get dissed
Old nasty motherfucker, you ain't no risk

[Chorus: repeat and fade]