To Live Or Die Testo

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Testo To Live Or Die

[Verse 1]
It all got started on a hot summer day
A shot was heard, a bitch was shot that day
The hoes were taking over, riding three deep
Lorenzo rims in a black cherry Jeep
The bitch violated, her name was Terri B
Riding the coat tail of the rapper Eazy-E
Now I'm a give you an F cause your ass'll stand tall
A funky white bitch with a little bit of ball
Ruthless, that's what you think you are
A hoe is on the beat, so you won't get very far
Talking that shit on a murder you wrote
Bitch try again, that's a motherfucking joke
Wicky-wicky-wack, that's what I said
Now a wacked assed bitch got a nine to her head
Don't lay back, and start to cry
It's a hell of a choice: To Live Or Die

[Chorus: x4]
To Live Or Die
Die Bitch

[Verse 2]
I'm a motherfucker, I'll put you through a test
You're another sucker I had to lay to rest
Blood sweat and tears running down your face
I ain't even pull a trigger, now I got a murder case
I'll drop your ass right down to your knees
You're begging like a punk, baby girl please
Fuck you, yeah I said it again
I'll kick your ass while I count to ten
The choice is yours, you'd better make it fast
Five more seconds, the nine up your ass
I'm wasting my time, cause it ain't no fight
I'm a fuck you up when we touch the mike
My rap's so strong, like an armored tank
Step back bitch, cause you're about to get ganked
HWA is in the place
Kicking funky rhymes all in your face
Murder, murder, is what you preach
You wouldn't kick sand on a motherfucking beach
Your record deal is a mystery to me
You must have give Eric some white pussy
Bitch, you think you're hard, but you're softer than butter
Trying to hang around the Compton brothers
You want to be black, and that's no lie
Bitch, make a choice: To Live Or Die

[Verse 3]
I don't know where you're from, but it sure ain't the streets
Cause you're walking around sweet and petite
I'm the baddest, hardest bitch in the world
Check my credentials, they call me baby girl
Taking white bitches out iis a hobby of mine
Fuck all that shit, Jaz pass me the nine
Remember that test, bitch you didn't pass
Now I'm forced to put the nine back in your ass
Put the clip in then I blast you
No that didn't get past you
Your no rapping ass was bound to fail
Now my motherfucking ass might wind up in jail
I went to court and copπed my plea
I had to murder, she was a wack MC
The judge liked me and gave me a try
Cause he liked my hit: To Live Or Die

[Chorus: repeat and fade]