Trick Is A Trick Testo

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Testo Trick Is A Trick

[Verse 1]
Well I'm a bad hoe in my own little world
I walk around the streets wearing diamonds and pearls
When I walk onto the set don't you know
I'd swear it's a amateur fashion show
Niggaz on the wall trying to look bad
Trying to look like a goddam magazine ad
Standing all around trying to have that look
When the motherfucker look like a goddam crook
He asked me to dance, but I said no
Don't want to get no activator on my new clothes
This goddam gear came straight from Vogue
He said, I'll buy you Gucci this and buy you Lloyd's that
Baby, don't you know, I'm slinging that crack?
I said, because you're selling drugs, do you think that make you bigger?
You still ain't nothing but a trick ass nigga
Motherfucker, get a grip, get off my tip

Because (I said) a trick is a trick
Bitch, what you say?
Bitch, suck my dick!

Because (I said) a trick is a trick
Bitch, what you say?
Bitch, suck this dick!

[Verse 2]
I'm exotic and erotic, a hoe with an attitude
Most of you tricks think I'm really really rude
Stand Sweet Georgia Brown, I've been thinking
A place where tricks do a lot of drinking
When I went into the Brown, I went into the lobby
Tricks were sitting around like it's some kind of hobby
My pussy's on the rise, fresh on hair
Trick motherfuckers just stop and stare
You offer me money, cash and gold
I tell your trick ass, that game is old
You're all over me like mud on a hog
Most of these tricks look just like dogs
The clothes and the hairdos that they wear
Would give Freddy Kruger a straight up scare
She gave you a chance and let you suck her
Played you like a pimp, and still couldn't fuck her


Bitch, you ain't nothing but a trick
You playing that front role with an attitude
You know, you ain't shit
But a little trick yourself

[Verse 3]
I'm a Casanova villain over straight up cutie
A hoe with an attitude doing my duty
Telling you tricks just where you're at
You know you got jinx so get the hang out your back
So don't try to front, get mean or rude
'Cause you're fucking with a hoe with an attitude
Sending me a rose, I'll send the shit back
Trick ass nigga, I'll charge you tax
Meaning of trick is easy to define
Nigga paying cash to get the pussy of mine
'Cause I'm not lacking in the back
And as a matter of fact, I'm always packing
Mac 10 is I begin, treat a trick like a son
Smoking one who take the pussy and run
So don't ever let a nigga talk that shit
'Cause nine times out of ten, he ain't nothing but a trick