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Testo The Conflict

[Verse 1]
Motherfuck, coming off soft
Cover homes that's about to go off
Like a rocket, like water in a socket
But harder, like your dick
Digging in them guts, better yet
Stuck up the butt, 'cause that's how you like it
Rather than mine, Eazy or Dre's
Yella, you're a bi, and you go both ways
Bitch, motherfucker, goddam bi
Get out your tissue, 'cause I'm a make your ass cry
Yeah, I called you a bitch, and you know it, too
Pimple faced sucker, fuck you!
You don't get no respect from your own damn crew
So what the fuck you want from my hoe troop?
They call you a pussy, a punk, and a fag
So a hoe put a label on your sissy ass

Contagion, confusion and chaos
Miss me with that
The Conflict, Conflict
The Conflict, Conflict

[Verse 2]
Now let me tell you about a lying MC
He goes by the name of Eazy motherfucking E
He says he's a woman beater, but he's not a pussy eater
Hold on for a second while I sip on my 2 liter
Motherfuck the art of sucking dick
That little ass nigga suck a hell of a clit
My panties hit the ground, his head went down
Stuck his tongue up my pussy and he couldn't hear a sound
But then again, you know I wasn't bothered
'Cause all I said was suck it harder, suck it harder
He was sucking my pussy, and licking my pearl
I'm running my fingers through his Jerry Curl
The goddam shit was all in my nails
It was sticky and gummy, with a fucked up smell
The curl activator made me sick
I'm just wondering if he curled the dick?
Now Ren, you're a sad ass case
A black motherfucker with an ugly face
Hard capping around like you're getting some ends
You can't pull a bitch unless you're driving a Benz
In case you didn't notice, down the way
You're the unknown member of NWA
They got your ass there just to fill a space
Because they needed that look of a monster face

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 3]
Hold up, I've got something else to say
It's about this man they call Dr. Dre
It was something about you I couldn't pinpoint
But it came to me when I smoked that joint
I know your ass is strange, it's not quite right
You proved it to me by fighting a bitch that night
You picked up a chair, and bashed her head
Had it been me, your ass'd been dead
Throwing a nose, called your ass out
Michelle A, know what I'm talking about?
No more lies is the name of that hit
You're talking loud, but you ain't saying shit
Try to come back with that old ass rap
Fuck the police, boy your ass should be slapped
You need to take lessons from a pimp producer
Dre, you ain't nothing but a motherfucking loser

[repeat and fade]