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Testo Gangstrology

[Verse 1]
I'm the gangstress
so motherfucker do you think you can spank this?
Right for me
Because you might be a sucker
Like Dre likes bitches that are nice T
Right T?
Hell yeah!
I'm not the one who wears a tight little has been
Now I got your ass in my scope again
I'm gonna smoke you, watch the bullets stroke you
Your body is cold, but I'm still in motion
With my Uzi brigade, throwing hand grenades
Like a hoe on a stroll, I got to get paid
It ain't pussy that I'm selling, so fuck with your yelling
H.W.A., pockets keep swelling
With the kick of the funky drum, you want my monkey, son?
You can't get none
'Cause I'm the gangstress

[Chorus: scratched]
I'm the gangstress
Hard as a rock

[Verse 2]
I'm the gangstress, damn, let me think of this
Give me the money and the dick and that still ain't shit
When I've a score to settle, put my foot on the pedal
With my hand on the metal
I'm getting ready for a drive by
In a low ride
Just spraying kind of light as I blow by
I had you to a dead weight, as I cover my ass
My homie got my back, I call her Jazz
So I carry on, grown, strong
Eazy-E is like a fairy on the microphone
Basing, chasing, getting slapped in the face
By a bitch Caucasian
All y'all in NWA
Punk motherfuckers, what the fuck you say?
I'm taking your ass out the hard way
One by one, you all going to drop
Yo, Tony G, don't let my bass stop
'Cause I'm the gangstress

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 3]
I'm back on the track for the grand finale
No, I ain't from Cali, but fuck you be so brave
I'm taking you ass out
In the alley behind the studio
You better step slow
Cause if you get caught, you're tossed
Don't get a hoe with an attitude pissed off
Yeah, you know it, it's me again
It's getting close to the end, can you hear the thunder?
N.W.A. going six feet under
I ain't got no remorse 'cause I'm hard as a rock
Ruthless Villain? Suck my cock!
'Cause I'm the gangstress

[Chorus x4]