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Testo Do Something

Sometimes, it feels like you can't go on
That's why I wrote this song
Keep your head up
There will be a brighter day
Just remember, I love you, God loves you
Don't forget, keep the Faith
Do something for the world, for yourself
for your family, for your health
For community, for the environment
Do something extra
Not a requirement
Something for friendship
Something for trust
Just do somethin', something for love
Manage your anger, control your lust
Watch your temper, don't hold a grudge

Something's just ain't meant to be, but who's to judge
You hear it all the time but, never give up
If I work hard enough could I achieve all of that
If I accomplished my dreams, how would I react

But if I'd have known what I'd lose in this trap
A race for time sometimes I'd give it all back
Thoughts in my mind, I lay on the track
Piece of my heart n part of my soul in fact

Now that your gone the sky don't seem as blue
Try to make a change but don't know how I'm supposed to
Bad mistakes ya I done made a Few
But Who woulda knew what each one would cost you
Making an effort to show you my point of view
so you can see today that I will always love you
Only words actions speak louder you know it's true
But I just wanna spend some time with you