Once Upon A Time Testo

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Testo Once Upon A Time

Rockin', rock rockin' to the tone, rockin' to the tone that made it his own
Once upon a time not long ago
there was a man named P Dal and he loved to flow
He would kick rhymes like never befo
and everybody that seen him said they loved his show
Still a bunch of haters loved to run their lips
but he just kept on workin' never caring a bit
Doin' what he do and doin' it well
Thinkin' if you don't like him, oh well
Yet he wanna make hits the whole world would love
so he thought about how he'd transcend above
Being only human didn't have a clue
All he knew was he would never be like you
So he grew and he grew tryin' to make it through
even though he couldn't do everything on cue
But he'd flow and record and he wrote and he stored
Throwin' the best together and puttin' faith in the lord
Like the sword and the stone destined to be known
Couldn't get it on his own till he got up in the zone
and scratched on the table, preparing to start a label
and made his own beats, tryin' to fill the seats
Proud of what he's done and how far he's come
Gettin' back to havin' fun, you should have you some
Dance HipHop and Pop, Rock & Roll and Soul
With a whole lotta rhythm with him in his toes
When you see the video you lose control
cuz it make you wanna break like never before

And he spoke to all of you with his own point of view
what he told very few until he dropped somethin' new

Rockin' to the tone that made it his own