Nana Testo

Testo Nana

Sometimes you have to get rid of all that darkness before you can see the light

We're the children of...
Behavior so cruel
I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy

It's all over oil, it's all over land
It's all over greed, it's part of the plan
Destroying the seeds, destroying the man
Genetic genocide fried up in a pan

I had a grandma she was really my grammy, then I had my nana and my nanny
They taught me more than I could explain in a song
It's to hard to watch them go, now they're gone

Seeing UK wondering when it's gon be my day
I hope and I pray
Then back to work nothin' else to say

Don't hold your breath
They'll even remember after your death
If it all went down today
Wouldn't even matter it'd be nothin' left
I've been hated because of the color of my skin
Been prejudged because of those I call my kin
Made fun of because of my disabilities
Don't let it get to you, the ignorance of bullies
All an illusion to keep us under
Will it ever change I wonder
Lightning strikes, prepare for thunder
Think power can fill the hunger
A single drop creates a ripple
Heavens pour, the water trickles
Waves crash, keep pushing past
Tide breaks and already has
We can be men or we can be apes
Even a monkey destroys and creates
It comes down to us If our soul elevates
Depends upon choices that we choose to make
Not much a decision between you and me
Coexist and be free
Teach truth A to Z
World harmony