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Testo Music Or Death

Life, one minute you're here the next you disappear
The moment you fear drawing ever closer near
Look in the mirror and see your reflection crystal clear
Would you see the same person through the eyes of a peer
Reflections of yourself and what chu wanna be
Reflections in the mirror, of you and me
I see who I am and where I wanna be
I'm workin' on a means, accomplishing dreams
This is for everyone who died tryin' to keep the dream alive
and for those who survived but couldn't make it in this life
To those who wondered why they even tried
and all those who had to settle for a nine to five

I never wanna stop, naw, never wanna quit
never, I never wanna, I never wanna
I never wanna stop, naw never wanna quit
never, I never wanna, I never wanna

I'm Cherokee and I'ma be so long after they bury me
It's heresy that we can't open up our eyes to see
that were destroying the land that's under our feet
You keep pumping it out then what's left underneath
I'm not the next anybody I'm the first me
Coming at you with these styles so universally
and my cacophony is prophecy of my philosophy
Your hypocrisy has got to me so what else could it be
The symphony of history comes round in cycles you will see
Once you forget the tragedy, repeats again in mystery
I've been spittin' rhymes since before I could read
sproutin' from a seed, tryin' to find what I'm gonna be
You see a lazy bum who don't get nothin' done
and my girl she done left me cuz she thinks that I'm dumb
Like your never gonna make it you should give it up now
cuz nobodies ever liked you and you can't rock a crowd
But I could die at any moment, what's my life really meant
A head full of wires that seem to not make sense
A mind full of clutter, no space to vent
It's no wonder you can't see buried under cement
At some point you gotta commit or just quit
If I'm that diamond in the rough the pressure will shine me up
All you entrepreneurs out there doin' your thang
Just keep to it your the reason for this song that I sang.
Taxation, on everythang in the nation and I'm scrapin'
Inflation, for a ticket at the station and I'm waitin'
Creation, like a mason I built the foundation
I'm racin', runnin' out of time and winters right behind chasin' like Jason
I might trip and I may stumble, I sometimes slip but I try to stay humble
You may think I ball but my balls flat
The downstairs flooded, I had to rip up the carpet
Tile pulled up is that mold on the floor
being poisoned every time you step foot through the door
Woke up and realized, how could I live like this
when I exist in a world that we may blow to bits
and so I organize and schedule tryin' to get it done
What was fun has begun to be work under the gun
I run and run, I've been on empty for days
but I'm a show y'all what I'm made of and how I'm on my way
will you last writing, can you keep it exciting
I think we can all do without the screaming and fighting
You love more than hate, but they hate more than love
all I can say is you see what hate does
I'm tryin' to rise up above like the release of a dove
I thought I had it, guess I don't know what it was
I got a vision, let me tell you my mission
Take a second and listen to the dreams I've been wishing

Why music, because there's a connection that's supernatural
A divine rhythmic expression through the medium that is I
That's why. Focusing my spirit being to being more
and I don't know what's in store or what I've been called for but I accept the calling
No stalling of converting what's on my mind into a tangible version of rhyme
and I'm on the grind tryin' to finish in time. I don't know if I'll make it but all I got is my dreams so I take it from a vision to the screens.
Not to mention all the work in between

It's what ch'all been waitin' for right, sorry it took me so long
I had to get my ducks in a row you know, but from the go
I knew I was meant to flow
So I'll go through the high and the low if it will help us all to grow
As for the show it's my heart and my soul so I'll control my Qi and we can grow positively
You know what I mean
It's like this, PeaceSum y'all
Music or death sick of death sick of death