Next Time Testo

Testo Next Time

Dude told me I need to snap on it
So I'ma get on here and just do my thang
Got people laid up in the hospital tryin' to pay bills
And I cant figure out how to overcome lifes obstacles
I'm tryin' to answer the question to all of these riddles
And I don't know the direction or which way I go

All I know is music has got me movin'
I put on the mix and I get in the groove then
Every single day I work steadily pursuing
You can run your mouth all you want but who you foolin'

I've been on the grind penny, nickel and dimin'
Pressure on a coal turn it into a diamond
I'm on the climb, wanna get it off my mind
So that I can press rewind, listen further down in time
Far as I can find no reason, no rhyme
So I try to stay thankful as the years keep flyin'
Naw can't waste another second of mine
Keep your heart and soul combined
And I'm a see ya next time