Wurlitzer Drum Machine Testo

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Testo Wurlitzer Drum Machine

Once you look outside of your little space
outta that little town, city and state
and you look at the bigger picture
of the world and even the universe
your perspective changes

Workin' to make it, earnin' no takin'
Gimme a chance and I'll show you your fakin'
When I'm on then I'm on, I'm in the zone all alone
but I'll be gone before long then you can't tell me I'm wrong

Create flame without a lighter, I'm so hot I am that fire
and I get it you desire, don't hate you should admire
It's just me I'm rising higher, I'll create never retire
'Til deceased and leading prior
No, I am not a liar
Writing these songs sometimes I write all day long
and all night too and back around until dawn
I'm so potent, I'm focused, I've been flowin' you know this
They been treatin' me bogus, if you didn't notice
Maybe I'll make a difference, maybe I can inspire
Not just an instance, it's a constant reminder
They speak of repentance but then put fuel for the fire
Lie behind their doors then they preach to the choir
Cd's out my pack, to Chicago and back
Just me every track, an ace not a jack
A king needs his queen to believe in his dream
A gamble, no game, no two cards are the same
Law of attraction, I'm concentratin on stacks n
makin' moves, takin' action from Austin to Jackson
I've been on my grind, workin' double time
The days they combine and the nights intertwine
I'm a spiritual being, being a spiritual being
Following my essence, I used to think I was dreaming
Now I see it was a blessing cuz I say what I mean
and anybody that don't like it must not read in-between
I am, what I'm supposed to be
A musician puttin' together a masterpiece
Connecting a puzzle, so anxious, can't wait to see
Some think it's to much trouble, some think that it's free
But I can't let criticism get to me
Take the best advice and give that to your seed
Makin music to live on, positive I believe
So here's something when I'm gone for your soul when in need