Just Quit Testo

Testo Just Quit

Qu, qui, quit, quit, quit spreadin' rumors and ru, ru, runnin' your mouth

People tend to think this is easy
but if you aint puttin' in all the work from begin to fin
then you really don't know
So come on now sit you punk rump down
Stop runnin' your mouth and spreadin' rumors around
I try to talk to you, give you advice, but you don't wanna listen so i'm through bein' nice
Think it's all about the money and fame, in it for the wrong reason it's such a shame
This is life man it aint a game, puttin' in work, you're doin' nothin' but playin'
I wanna live on in positive way
letchu know I put it all in every day
You bring friends down to make yourself look good
but nobodies impressed so I think you should

Qui, quit spreadin' rumors and ru, ru runnin' your mouth
I said quit spreadin' rumors and ru, ru, runnin' your mouth

Do you even feel remorse for the things that you do
Hurtin' the ones that are closest to you
PeaceSum on the rise and I'm here to say
It's time to give love instead of spreadin' hate