In Mokena Testo

Testo In Mokena

This is personal, coming all the way from that ILL NOISE state
Now I appreciate ya'll takin' the time to listen to what I create
cuz this one right here's so hot you gotta roticerate

Where would I be if I never took the time to become me
so phony, but I did, so if you think that you don't know me
People always told me at the top it gets so lonely
I'm not even there and I see it so you don't have to show me
I'm tryin' to turn a negative into a positive, then tryin' to get out of my pops' crib
but until then, right here in Mokena's where I'll see ya my friend

In Mokena's where I'll see ya
In Mokena, Where I'll be Here

Not even my momma or my poppa coulda ever predicted
How deep I'd get into this music I'm completely conflicted
Cuz all I do is create, I create off creatin' and I'm creatin' off creation
This is my recreation, and my work
So I'm pacing goin' bizerk, cuz I'm so low with every quirk
It's not what you would call a perk
Some say I'd be a kid if I did everything that I say
I say I'd be stupid to let my dreams drift away
and I know, in the end, this really aint 'ish
but if it makes you nod your head well then maybe it was worth it
So I'll be puttin' in work until I leave the earth
I'll get what I deserve cuz in my soul I know my worth
can't quit cuz if I stop I'll lose, tell me if you had what I had homie what would you choose
I mean really dude what would you do, if you had to walk a mile or two inside of my shoes
You'd prolly quit, give up quick, and act sick,
Beggin' for the shoes to flip cuz you cant handle no whip
but you gon wish that you could be me
You'll believe me when you see me live on TV, but my life's too live for TV
So Mokena's where you'll see me, somewhere workin' on my cd
Ya I'll be in Mokena, if you need me come and get me
Or go take a hike but really you should bring your bike
Then you might see me creakin'
On the weekend