Focus Ya Mind Testo

Testo Focus Ya Mind

Chorus: (Jahson Ites) Focus ya mind on good things and good things will come to you / Invest ya time in good dreams and you'll see your schemes come true / Just open your eyes and see the Higher I is calling you (Just open your ears and hear Jah Rastafari calling you) / I'm telling you We've got to do what the Most High wants us to do / We've got to do what the Most High wants us to do / We've got to be what the Most High wants us to be /// verse: Can't you see history is your roots and you are the fruits of its making / Those things that are higher you desire and require are given you just for the taking / Now it's your turn to forward what you earn for the next generation to come / Blessedness Love and Guidance from Above for your grandchildren daughters and sons, everyone / Yesterday's gone and today won't last long, but the future is barely begun, Shine ya Sun! / Shine Jah bright Light each and every One /// chorus /// verse: (Essential I) Rastaman nah want nothin' to do with them wicked deception / Certain salvation, travel with Jah as InI Guide and Protection / So me a say stay focused, nah get distracted by commerce / False opinion mussi hidden fe move forward I Jah Works / Them nah hurt InI soul with them screwface / Spot them with I third eye showing off them two-face / A new day is dawning, I rise up this morning / Give Ises to the King, and me love up me darling / I hear Jah Jah calling for we to be free from the constraints of wicked society / Invest we time in a good dream / Remain positive amongst Babylon mood swing / It's simply a roots thing from the foundation / Plant it like seed and feel the ground shakin' / One Love sprouts making its way to the sky / As if to reach out for the hand of the Most High / Yes Iya blessed by the Almighty Awesome Light / I Essential longside the One Jahson Ites /// chorus: (Jahson Ites) /// 3rd verse: Babylon doesn't want you to realize the power that you've been granted / Jah Love is like a mystical seed and deep in your heart it's been planted / It's up to you to do that spiritual work and cultivate the stuff of your soul / Into the sort of fertile ground where Jah Seed can blossom and grow-yo! / Is your heart the sort of fertile soil where Jah Love can prosper and grow?-I hope so! / I sincerely hope so ///

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