Rasta Things Testo

Testo Rasta Things

Chorus: (Jahson Ites) We're Rasta People doing Rasta Things / Beat we a Binghi drum and make we Chant and Sing / Giving Thanks & Praises to Jah King and Jah Queen / We burn Jah Fiya, and Jah Fiya is Love / We're Conscious People doing Conscious Things / Sound Jah Inity gong and let Jah Righteousness ring / We're Higher People doing Higher Things / And the Highest of Heights is Love /// 1st verse: Downful Babylon, can't stick with them / Them try fe wrong this Lion, but InI forgive them / Upful Livity Iman gwan outlive them / And I won't be no victim / Foolish Babylon, oh they just can't keep I down / No matter how they try me nah gwan let them snatch I crown / Jah Love inna me heart, me haffi spread it all around / Check the FyahCrackah Sounds 'cause we're /// chorus /// 2nd verse: (Essential I) We them Rasta People, we does be doing Rasta Things / And we nah bather them, no, so why them bother we / We just be planting herbs, yes we just be harvesting / Truth and Honesty, that's the way we're promising yo / Faith inna the Most High be I philosophy / Riding pon Jah Fiya like Elijah speaking Prophecy / Open-mindful doctor people perform Babylon lobotomy / And cultivate the culture with a righteous new democracy /// chorus /// 3rd verse: (Jahson Ites) Conscious culture, yes, we've been given it / Life, we're loving it and we're living it / Rastafari free I mind so Babylon can't imprison it / That's how we envision it / We see the future, look and you can see it, too / And we see Conscious People have important work to do / Livication and Onegetherness will see us through / As our World we improve, me and you /// chorus /// 4th verse: (Essential I) Don't let 'em get to ya, bad-minded fool ya / Keep cool and let this here groove move through ya / Jah Jah is I fortress, H.I.M. allow no intruder / Rastafari, Conquering Lion of the 12 Tribes of Judah / Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the Real Rightful Ruler / Make we Give Thanks & Praise, Livication unto Jah / Big up the youthman 'cause them be the future / And if a negative vibe we come fe remove ya /// chorus /// 5th verse: (Jahson Ites) You wanna take my herb but you lack the authority / You got your gun and badge and wanna lord it over me / Ganja shouldn't be a law enforcement priority / Yo you should be ignoring me / Try to blind I with ya lies but higher eyes see through it / Ganja is out Sacrament so you know we'll pursue it / Even by your Babylon laws we've got a right to do it / Babylon you blew it, now respect it! 'cause /// chorus /// So burn up Jah Fiya and burn out that spark of anger that's been glowing in your heart x2 ///

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