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Testo New Day

1st verse: (Essential I) It's a new generation with a new meditation / Adopted from ancestral ways of Wisdom and Creation / An ancient medication for the health of the nation / With healing properties like peppermint and echinacea / We need a breath of fresh air, proper ventilation / Conception and development require concentration / Knowledge of a New Day, idea insemination / A righteous teaching, yeah man, a righteous education / A new determination with a new destination / Continue from original heart investigation / Paid with perseverance and painted up with patience / A Conscious revelation without Babylon temptation / Overcome frustration and rise to the occasion / We nuh want no separation, we want a restoration / We wan fe see a better day full of celebration / Just a demonstration this here Blessed Itation /// chorus: There's a New Day just a turning of the Earth away, I'm sayin' there's a / New Morning dawnin' for ya just around the corner, we're bringin' in a / New Era where ya can see things are gonna be better, I'm sayin' there's a / New Time coming when Conscious People send Babylon runnin' / 2nd verse: (Jahson Ites) Babylon nah a rey, me say just keep a coolin' it / But watch what ya say, unu no know who ya foolin' with / Judgemant Fiya burn and ya just keep a fuelin' it / Righteous Iducation haffi learn, we hya a schoolin' it yo / Put down ya gun and ya bomb 'cause it no tool de it / Only downstroy, can't build up no home no school with it / Only take life, say no seed no bear no fruits with it / Only bring death to ya vibe, so don't start shooting it no / We've got to nice up our world and stop polluting it / Got to Love up Jah Human Race and stop polluting it / Imankind must join as One, there's no refuting it / We Rising Up 'pon dis hya New Day, we revoluting it yo /// chorus /// 3rd verse: (BlueJay) We stand up for Justice and we stand up for our Rights / Stand strong on the stage right next to Jahson Ites / Higher than the helicopters, higher than the kites / Burning up them cold days and theme hot summer nights /// chorus /// 4th verse: (BlueJay) Okanogan People let you know what a gwan / 'Bout to show the world that we will stand strong / No matter how ya getting' on or how ya galong / You've got to live right and never live wrong / 'Cause a New Day a comin' yes a New Day a dawn / And this right here is the calm before the storm /// chorus ///

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